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Factory Information
We believe in honesty and transparency. We specialize in the production of high quality, tested and safe,  injection toys.

About Us




Our factory can provide a vertically integrated manufacturing from R&D; Making Tooling; Injection ; Assembling then Shipping services.

Factory mainly comprises of 5 sections as


Injection Section

over 60 injection machine range
from 4Oz machines to 35 Oz machines.

electronic section

Electronic Section

6 bonding machines and 2 SMT
machines. There are two PBC assembling production

production assembling section
painting and spray section

Painting and Spray Section

there are 50 spray
stations and over 60 tempo and silk print machines

qa and qc section

Production Assembling Section

8 production lines
with motorized conveyor

QA & QC Section

There is a in-house lab which can
test the latest requirements of RoHS and PAHS, Phthalates. It can enhance the products to fully comply with the safety standards of EU & US. Physical test
facilities are in stored as well to ensure the products in compliance with the safety standards.

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