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A History of Tradition
For over 30 years, Choy Hing Toys has refined its strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide quality OEM and ODM services to our clients. 

About us

Choy Hing Toys Industrial Co, Ltd, was founded in Hong Kong in 1986. Over the years, Choy Hing has developed into a leading full integrated toy manufacturer with proven experience in product development and manufacturing with quality machine systems.  Our extensive and efficient engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide quality OEM & ODM services to our clients. 

Our goal as an manufacturing company is to help our clients bring their products to fruition, be it a new idea, a new product or new invention. We are there to help you in very step of the way. In addition to our expertise in OEM and ODM services, we are here to provide you with high quality, low costs, and short efficient lead times.


Most importantly, it is always our belief that our clients' products should only be sent if only they are of the highest standard. We are ICTI, Wal-Mart’s, BRC, GSV certified factory. Our engineering and R&D team works hard to constantly improve and develop our manufacturing capabilities. We seek to improve with our clients, their success is our success. Everything begins with a quality product. 

Global Security Verification
Walmart Certification
ICTI Ethical Toy Program
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